More About Me

White has always seen real estate as an opportunity to build wealth. People
feel an instant connection with Tyler, perhaps because his story is so easy to
relate to.  Tyler knew that building
equity in a home was a smart move, but
quickly realized that he
wasn’t going to be able to buy what he wanted with his bus driver salary. So,
he began looking for a better paying career in sales. When Tyler put all the
puzzle pieces together: his need for a new career, his family’s need for a home
and the excitement he felt about real estate, his future fell into place!

With his dream of homeownership being realized, which Tyler
describes as “lifechanging,” his mission became clear: to help others be just
as excited and to be a part of his clients’ lives, showing them the way to this
same experience. 

Tyler has always been a great communicator – making people
laugh and instantly putting them at ease. Because of his journey, Tyler understands that buying,
and/or selling a home is not only deeply personal but can feel complex. This
perspective drives him to truly be an expert at the job, and to be the resource
his clients deserve: before their house is on the market, during the home
buying and selling process, and everything in between: walking his clients
through all the variables involved in a real estate transaction. 

believes that his success is partly because of how his real estate career began
and has honed his skills well beyond his standout interpersonal ones. Strategy,
problem-solving, compelling marketing, sales negotiation, and the ability to do
it all professionally and with empathy allow Tyler to stand out among agents.  

With a degree from
Hanover College, where he met his wife, Gaia, a therapist, they have built a
successful and meaningful life in Bloomington with their two kids and barn cat.

You’ll enjoy working with Tyler and appreciate his